1. Cal-OSHA is investigating accusations that Tesla misrepresented serious injuries at its factory in Fremont. [Reuters]
  2. Senator Kamala Harris has been called “the female Barack Obama,” but she’s still an enigma at home. A poll shows 28 percent of Californians have no opinion about Ms. Harris, placing her in the bottom 10 of name recognition among U.S. senators in their home states, and 49 percent would rather she stay in the Senate than run for president. Personally? I wished she’d stayed San Francisco DA [Politico]
  3. Two term former Assembly Member Tim Donnelly is mounting a primary challenge from the right against GOP CA-08 Rep. Paul Cook. [Breitbart]
  4. Building Trades unions take on “ivory tower elites” on the issue of job creation: A full-page ad in today's LATimes marks the launch of a new public campaign in print and on digital aimed at reminding California's leading Democratic officials that the party base is “real working people.” The pointed headline: “Not every Angelo is going to prosper in the ‘NextGen New Economy.’” The Message: “The vocal and well-funded ivory tower elites have systematically chased blue collar jobs out of Southern California - and they have set their entitled target on tens of thousands of jobs associated with our traditional oil and gas industry.” The ad funded by the State Building and Construction Trades Council and the Carpenters and Joiners Union urges Democrats to “stand with the working families of California, and don't be bullied into supporting job-killing regulations that are designed to shutter yet another Southern California industry.” Their point: Donald Trump won the White House appealing to these voters, and Democrats better not take them for granted. See the ad here.
  5. Senate Bill 825 (Beall) will be heard Monday morning in Senate Appropriations to consider the fiscal impact of the bill. CDCR has offered no information to the committee about the impact of the bill (not typical department behavior) Bills whose cost exceed $50,000 are sent to suspense - a holding zone - until the May 25 fiscal deadline - where the “winners” are reported to the floor for final passage in the Senate - then the hearing process will recommence in the Assembly.


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